Case No.74420/01

Judgment date: 05/02/08

The applicant, Mr Kęstas Ramanauskas worked as a prosecutor. In 1998-99, an officer of a special anti-corruption police unit, AZ, approached the applicant though VS (a personal acquaintance of the applicant) and offered him a bribe of 3,000 USD to secure the acquittal of a third person. AZ did not seek official authorisation to use this ‘criminal conduct simulation model’ until 26 January 1999. Permission was granted the following day. The applicant initially refused the bribe, but after the offer was repeated several times, he accepted and received 1,500 USD on 28 January 1999 and 1,000 USD on 11 February 1999.

On 11 February 1999, the Prosecutor General instituted a criminal investigation into the applicant’s acceptance of a bribe. On 29 August 2000 the Kaunas Regional Court found the applicant guilty of corruption. The verdict was upheld by the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. The applicant complained to the ECtHR on the basis of Art. 6 (fair trial).

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