Our mission and team

Founded in 2003, EHRAC works with partners in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine, to challenge serious human rights abuses before the European Court of Human Rights and international mechanisms.

Our mission

We are experts in international human rights law and international mechanisms.

We support and collaborate with human rights defenders in Russia, Ukraine and the South Caucasus to litigate ground-breaking strategic cases to secure justice and challenge impunity. Together we identify systemic abuses and respond to urgent threats to civil society and marginalised communities.

Through joint litigation, advocacy and exchange of expertise, we support our partner lawyers to maintain momentum on these issues even in the most challenging circumstances. Our sustained and holistic commitment results in a more resilient human rights community, improving human rights standards and preventing future abuses.

Our goals

  1. Through our solidarity and expert legal support, HRDs and lawyers have increased skills, capacity and resilience to challenge human rights abuses.
  2. Through our trauma-informed litigation applicants’ voices are heard and barriers to justice challenged, leading to increased access to justice for vulnerable and persecuted communities.
  3. Through our creative and rigorous litigation, national and international precedents are set, leading to increased national protection and raised international human rights standards.

Our values

We are RESPECTFUL in our attitude: we listen and learn from our team, our partners, our applicants, and our peers in the region

We demonstrate SOLIDARITY and EQUITY in our partnerships:  we exchange expertise and collaborate flexibly in response to the challenging environments in which our partners operate

We act with INTEGRITY in our decision making:  we ensure that we work accountably and ethically, within our expertise and according to the principle of ‘do no harm’

We are INNOVATIVE in our approach: we bring a bold and creative approach to our work whether in pushing the boundaries in our cutting-edge litigation or in problem solving the programmatic challenges in our region.

Our team

Our advisors

EHRAC’s work is overseen by an International Steering Committee and a UK-based Advisory Board.

EHRAC's International Steering Committee
The International Steering Committee informs us of recent developments on the ground, and advises us on which issues might be suitable to challenge through European Court litigation. The Committee’s members are: Besarion Bokhashvili, Lara Aharonian, Intigam Aliyev, Galina Arapova, Prof.…
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EHRAC's UK Advisory Board
Along with the International Steering Committee, the UK-based Advisory Board oversees EHRAC’s work and our strategic development. The members of the Board are: Samantha Knights, Dr. Chaloka Beyani, Professor Joshua Castellino, Simon Erskine, Mervyn Fletcher, Luke Harding and Natalia Prilutskaya.…
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Middlesex University London Logo

EHRAC at Middlesex University

EHRAC has been based at the School of Law, Middlesex University, since 2013. We benefit from being situated in the University, and the opportunity to collaborate with leading experts in international and human rights law.