Case No. 61204/09
Judgment date: 05 September 2013

The applicants were represented before the Court by Mr Christian Shumkov, a lawyer practising in Umeå.

The applicants were an unnamed Chechen family seeking to avoid deportation from Sweden. Mr I contended that shortly after the second Chechen War began in 1999, he had documented alleged atrocities for NGOs and journalists including the late Anna Politkovskaya. Both he and his wife were allegedly detained and physically abused by the Russian Security Services. Although both managed to escape their respective captors, they had later been threatened by insurgent groups because of his apparent cooperation with the authorities. The family fled to Sweden in December 2007 and sought asylum. The Swedish Migration Board rejected their application because they could not rely on the general situation in the North Caucasus and, assessed individually, their narrative lacked proof and was inconsistent. The decision was upheld on appeal and the applicants brought the case before the ECtHR alleging their return to Russia would violate their rights under Article 3 ECHR.

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