Case No. 18407/10
Judgment date: 19 December 2013

The four applicants were relatives of an assassinated Ingush businessman. They included his widow, Fatima Dzhaniyeva, who moved to St. Petersburg for medical treatment following subsequent unresolved car bomb attacks against other members of the family. The morning after their arrival on 25 December 2009, four relatives of Dzhaniyeva disappeared during a car trip across town. According to several eyewitnesses, the men had been seized by armed, masked men in civilian clothing. A criminal investigation into their disappearance was formally opened on 25 January 2010 but failed to identify the culprits and was suspended in 2011. The applicants claimed that their relatives were detained by officials of the Russian state and that they were denied an effective investigation into their disappearance, in violation of Articles 5 and 2 of the ECHR. They also claimed that the mental suffering caused by the disappearance of their relatives violated their rights under Article 3 and that they were deprived of an effective remedy in breach of Article 13.

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