Case No. 54765/09
Judgment date: 18 April 2013

The applicant, Tamara Askhabova, had five sons, two of whom had died during security operations for their alleged involvement in illegal activities. In 2009 her three remaining sons were told to report to the police every month. On 5 August 2009, armed men in military uniforms arrived at their house and took away her son Abdul-Yazit Ashkhabov. He was never seen again. The applicant and her relatives complained to the authorities and waited outside the police station for three days before being dispersed. They went to see the Envoy for Human Rights and Freedoms in Chechnya who had a telephone conversation which led the applicant to believe that her son was being detained and the Envoy was requesting his release. Two weeks later, armed men in military uniforms came to the house and asked to see the bathroom, which had been a hideout for one of her deceased sons known only to the applicant and her detained son.

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