Case No. 181248/09
Judgment date: 8 July 2010

In Yuldashev the applicant fled to Russia fearing prosecution by the Uzbek authorities for having participated in the Andijan demonstrations in 2005. He was arrested and detained in Russia on 31 October 2007, after Uzbekistan issued an arrest warrant for him. The Uzbek authorities’ request for his extradition was granted on 28 April 2008. The applicant appealed, but the decision was upheld by the Supreme Court. On 2 November 2008, the applicant initiated proceedings complaining about the length of his detention and requesting his release. He was finally released on 23 April 2010. The applicant’s requests for refugee status and temporary asylum were rejected despite UNHCR finding that his fear of politically motivated ill-treatment in Uzbekistan was well-founded and justified.

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