Case No. 59334/00

Judgment Date: 18/01/2007

According to the applicants (two brothers), on 15 January 2000 and 12 April 2000 officers from the Temporary District Office of the Interior searched their house in Achkhoy-Martan, Chechnya, without producing warrants. Several items of electronic equipment belonging to the applicants and personal documents were seized. The applicants were then arrested and detained. When questioned about the activities of Chechen rebel fighters and about kidnappings, the applicants denied their involvement in any crimes.

Between 12 and 28 April 2000 the applicants were interrogated and subjected to various forms of torture and ill-treatment. They alleged enduring beatings, electric shocks, standing for a long time in a stretched position and having dogs set on them. When the second applicant refused to sign a confession he was handcuffed, his mouth was covered with adhesive tape and one of the interrogators started beating him on his back and genitals.

On 28 April 2000 the applicants were transferred to Chernokozovo Detention Centre where they were beaten on arrival. The applicants alleged further ill-treatment as well as being forced to sign confessions. Their lawyer was only given access to them once during the entire period of their detention.

The men were charged on 19 September 2000 with kidnapping and participation in an unlawful armed group. They were subsequently released on 5 October 2006 and medically examined the following day. The applicants were found to have numerous injuries to their heads and bodies and to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The doctors concluded that these medical conditions had apparently been sustained whilst on remand.

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