Наша деятельность

EHRAC supports civil society organisations operating in our target region to secure redress and challenge impunity for human rights violations. Together we bring strategic cases to the European Court of Human Rights and other international mechanisms.

In the process, we share our international litigation expertise with our partners and together build highly successful cases. We push for the full and effective implementation of judgments and advocate for real and lasting change.

Судебные тяжбы по правам человека

We work with our partners to uphold international human rights standards, and challenge violations of systemic human rights issues prevalent in our target region.

Our litigation aims both to secure justice for victims of violations and make a wider impact on domestic policies and practices.

Judgments in EHRAC cases often set ground-breaking precedents in international law and frequently serve as a catalyst for change.

Адвокация и исполнение решений

Obtaining a judgment from an international body is not the end of the litigation process.

We push for the effective implementation of international judgments to protect victims and vulnerable communities and hold governments accountable to their international human rights obligations.

We collaborate with some of the world’s leading human rights organisations and experts to advocate for change.

Наращивание потенциала

We strengthen the litigation skills of human rights lawyers. EHRAC’s bespoke, peer-to-peer mentoring is tailored to the specific needs of each partner.

Our legal team provides expert advice on all aspects of international litigation: from selecting a strategic case, to drafting and submitting a case to an international body.

We organise legal clinics, roundtables and training events to complement our mentoring.

Где мы работаем

Our target region spans five countries.

С кем мы работаем

We work entirely in partnership with civil society organisations and individual human rights lawyers operating in our target region.

Our partners possess a wealth of expertise across a broad range of issues and often operate in very challenging contexts.

EHRAC Partners