Published: 1 Jun 2008 | By Clare Rimmer

Treatment of Chechen IDPs, asylum seekers and refugees in Europe


Chechens are currently one of the largest groups of refugees in Europe, yet they face serious problems both within and outside the EU. In Ukraine, the recognition rate for Chechen asylum seekers being granted refugee status has been 0% since 2005, with many reports of Chechens being deported from the country. Their situation in Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Belarus is also fraught. Even within the EU, refugee recognition rates for Chechens varies dramatically, with Austria, Belgium and France offering generally high recognition rates, whilst rates in Finland, Poland, Sweden and Germany remain low.

In this article, Clare Rimmer discusses the situation of Chechen refugees in Europe, considering the flaws in EU asylum procedures and what might be done to improve them. To find out more, click on the link to the full article below.