Published: 1 Jun 2006 | By Dina Vedernikova

The European Court’s treatment of ethnic or national discrimination


Article 14 of the ECHR prohibits discrimination on any grounds. However, the Court has usually avoided dealing with such claims of discrimination, preferring instead to find substantive violations of other articles of the Convention, thereby making their consideration under Article 14 unnecessary. Although ethnic and national discrimination in Russia is a serious problem, to date there has been only one ECtHR judgment on this issue. There are also a number of applications pending at the pre-admissibility stage, including two applications lodged by EHRAC and Memorial HRC on behalf of 34 Russian nationals of Meskhetian Turk origin.

In this article, Dina Vedernikova considers the ECtHR’s treatment of claims of discrimination in Russia, with particular reference to the cases of Timishev v Russia and Luluyev v Russia. To find out more, click on the link to the full article below.