Published: 1 Jun 2006 | By Irina Ananieva

The death of a military conscript – the case of Perevedentsev v Russia


Military service in the Russian Federation is organized on an extraterritorial principle, and the military unit is a type of closed institution. If a crime takes place on the unit’s territory, the criminal investigation is conducted by the garrison prosecutor for the unit’s location. In the case of the death of a conscripted soldier, it is often extremely difficult for the relatives of the dead soldier to monitor the progress of criminal proceedings. This may often be exploited by unscrupulous investigators.

In this article, Irina Ananieva considers the case of Perevedentsev v Russia, concerning the death of the applicants’ son Mikhail whilst completing military service. Over two years have passed since his death, which was deemed a suicide, with the applicants having been repeatedly alienated from involvement in the case. To read the full article, click on the link below.