Published: 8 Jan 2015 | By Vahe Grigoryan

Remedies for unlawful expropriation of property in Armenia


The case of Tunyan and Others v Armenia (No. 22812/05) 9.10.12 is one of several cases concerning the unlawful expropriation of private property and land in central Yerevan through laws, decrees, and judicial acts. The applicants’ family had owned the house and had use of the land at no. 9 Buzand Street since the 1930s. This property fell within an area of land to be expropriated pursuant to Government Decree No. 1151-N of 1 August 2002. A private property developer, Glendale Hills, was permitted by Decree No. 1151-N to take over the applicants’ property purportedly for the needs of the State.

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