Published: 27 Jun 2017 | By Paul Johnston

Looking behind closed doors


Domestic Homicide Reviews in the UK

There are many reasons why a murder committed in a ‘domestic’ setting should be the most predictable form of homicide there is – and arguably, if it could have been predicted, it must have been preventable. There are usually no first-hand witnesses to a domestic homicide, but often someone will know about previous incidents or events that led to it.

Abusers don’t hit, insult, coerce, control or threaten everyone. They do it to the people closest to them and they do it behind closed doors. The systematic exertion of power and control over an intimate partner is wilful and cowardly; abusers choose to abuse, it doesn’t just happen. Domestic abuse affects every community throughout the world. It is happening now among heterosexual couples and in same-sex partnerships, within all age ranges, ethnic backgrounds and economic standing. Victims are usually women, but not always.

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