Published: 14 Jul 2016 | By Sophie Rust

In conversation with Lord Frank Judd


Reflections of the former Special Rapporteur on Chechnya for the Council of Europe (1999-2003)

A supporter of EHRAC since its inception in 2003, Lord Judd has always taken a keen interest in the organisation’s litigation work on human rights cases, particularly those from Chechnya. Despite the increasingly hostile attitude of the Russian State towards safeguarding human rights, he still actively lobbies in the House of Lords for continued diplomatic efforts to persuade Russia to implement judgments from the European Court of Human Rights. With new legislation passed in December 2015 allowing Russia’s Constitutional Court to override European Court judgments if deemed unenforceable, the prospect of progress seems unlikely in the foreseeable future. Lord Judd has stated that Europe’s feeble response to Russia’s human rights record amounts to “wanton irresponsibility as its actions continued to incite terrorism and extremism in the region.”

We spoke to Lord Judd about how Chechnya changed during his four-year tenure and his experiences on the ground.