Published: 1 Jun 2004 | By Philip Leach

Human rights “hotspots” and the European Court


In some areas of Europe where serious human rights violations are being committed, there are obstacles to the application of the ECHR, including armed conflict, intervention by one state on the territory of another, and the effective absence of a state’s control over part of its territory. In such circumstances, applicants may face considerable difficulties in bringing cases before the ECtHR, which has led the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to propose a number of reforms aimed at ensuring access to the Court and implementation of the ECHR. Timely access to justice also necessitates reforms designed to reduce the backlog of cases, including alone cases.

In this article, Philip Leach discusses the nature of the proposed reforms, whilst considering their potential impact – both positive and negative – on cases arising from ‘trouble spots’ such as Chechnya. To find out more, click on the link to the full article below.