Published: 1 Dec 2005 | By Damelya Aitkhozhina

Far reaching effects of environmental case


The applicant in the case of Fadeyeva v Russia has lived for a number of years within the sanitary exclusion zone surrounding the Severstal steel plant in Cherepovets. In 2000, the authorities confirmed that the concentration of several hazardous substances in the air exceeded maximum permissible limits. The application alleged that the authorities’ failure to rehouse the applicant and her family violated Articles 2, 3 and 8 of the ECHR. In its ruling, the ECtHR rejected the first two allegations, but found a violation of the right to private and family life.

In this article, Damelya Aitkhozhina outlines the case and judgment in depth, before providing a commentary considering the wider implications of the ruling. To find out more, click on the link to the full article below.