Published: 1 Jun 2007 | By Natasha Prilutskaya

Fadeyeva v Russia: a year and a half after the ECtHR judgement


In June 2005, the ECtHR handed down its judgement in the case of Fadeyeva v Russia, the first enviornmental case against the Russian Federation, in which a violation of Article 8 was found. The case concerns the authorities’ failure to resettle the applicant and her family from their current flat located within the sanitary security zone surrounding the Cherepovets steel plant. Whilst non-pecuniary damages were paid, a year and a half after the judgement the applicant remains in her current accommodation. The case could have far-reaching consequences, with estimates placing 2% of the country’s population within sanitary security zones.

In this article, Natasha Prilutskaya considers the outcome of the case and the response of the Russian authorities to the finding of a violation. To read the full article, click on the link below.