Published: 1 Dec 2012

EHRAC Bulletin Winter 2012

EHRAC Bulletin

Issue 18 of the EHRAC Bulletin is now available online. Please click the link below to read the full issue.

In the region in which EHRAC operates, it is not unusual for repressive laws to be introduced which specifically target civil society organisations. Of real concern in Russia at present is a new Federal law which imposes an obligation on NGOs in receipt of foreign funding to identify themselves as ‘foreign agents’ – which therefore represents a serious threat to their ability to operate effectively and independently. This new law is discussed in an article by Awaz Raoof.

Also in this edition of the Bulletin, Siranush Sahakyan (Protection of Rights without Borders) considers the extent to which Article 3 ECHR (the prohibition of torture) and the Convention against Torture have been implemented in Armenia.

By analysing recently communicated cases, Kirill Koroteev (Memorial) considers ‘what’s in store for Georgia at the European Court’, and Dmytro Kotlyar (former Deputy Minister of Justice, Ukraine) discusses a lesserknown European Convention provision – Article 18 – which prohibits the authorities from applying permissible Convention restrictions for ulterior and arbitrary purposes (as may be the case in politically motivated proceedings).