Published: 8 Jan 2015

EHRAC Bulletin Winter 2014

EHRAC Bulletin

Issue 22 of the EHRAC Bulletin is now available online. Please click the link below to read the full issue.

Recent months have witnessed unprecedented levels of repression of human rights defenders in Azerbaijan, and it is bitterly ironic that this has coincided with Azerbaijan’s chairing of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. Leading human rights professionals have been arrested and prosecuted, their organisations closed down and assets frozen. The existential threat faced by civil society in Azerbaijan is the subject of the lead article in this edition, written by Ramute Remezaite (PhD candidate at Middlesex University Law School).

Two pieces in the Bulletin explore different issues arising from recent events in eastern Ukraine. Graham Donnelly (PhD Researcher, University of Glasgow) discusses the plight of the Crimean Tartars, and Dmitri Macmillen analyses reports of enforced disappearances and torture in eastern Ukraine. EHRAC has lately been involved in supporting related European Court litigation, against both Russia and Ukraine.

Also in this issue, Sopho Japaridze, Assistant to the Georgian Prime Minister on Human Rights and Gender Equality Issues, considers the human rights implications of plea bargaining and Tamar Dekanosidze (GYLA) discusses legislative changes in Georgia concerning the right to compensation of those who suffered persecution during the Soviet era (which were introduced following the European Court judgment in Kiladze v Georgia, a case taken by GYLA and EHRAC). Vahe Grigoryan (EHRAC Legal Consultant) discusses property expropriation in Yerevan, with particular reference to the European Court judgment in Tunyan v Armenia.

As to the human rights situation in Chechnya, Grigor Avetisyan (Russian Justice Initiative) provides an update on the implementation of European Court judgments in Chechen cases, and Mariat Imaeva explores the role of the United Nations Working Group on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances.