Published: 1 Dec 2010

EHRAC Bulletin Winter 2010

EHRAC Bulletin

Issue 14 of the EHRAC Bulletin is now available online. Please click the link below to read the full issue.

This edition of the Bulletin has a focus on redress and implementation – considering what range of remedies should be granted by international human rights mechanisms and how state authorities should respond to findings of human rights violations. Leyla Madatli (Media Rights Institute, Baku) discusses the ground-breaking judgment in Fatullayev v Azerbaijan in which the European Court ordered the immediate release of imprisoned journalist Eynulla Fatullayev, but who at the time of going to press nevertheless remained in custody.

Adam Bodnar (Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights) discusses important recent Polish judgments and how they have been followed up. Alice Donald (London Metropolitan University) provides an overview of the main issues discussed at a recent seminar held in Strasbourg to debate European Court ‘pilot judgments’, which focus on systemic human rights violations. Elisabeth Lambert Abdelgawad (University of Strasbourg) critiques the latest proposals to reform the supervision process carried out by the Committee of Ministers in relation to the implementation of Strasbourg judgments. Isabelle Desrosiers (Sutyajnik) considers changes in practice as regards legal representatives’ access to clients in detention in Russia, following the Zakharkin decision.

Finally, in relation to the Chechen jurisprudence from Strasbourg, Vladislava Generalova (Memorial HRC) discusses the use of interim measures applications in respect of cases of enforced disappearance and Sarah Giaziri (EHRAC) highlights a recent increase in the level of awards of damages in disappearance cases.