Published: 1 Jun 2011

EHRAC Bulletin Summer 2011

EHRAC Bulletin

Issue 15 of the EHRAC Bulletin is now available online. Please click the link below to read the full issue.

In this edition of the Bulletin Prof. Philip Leach (EHRAC) considers the ongoing challenges presented by the continued absence of effective investigations into serious human rights violations already established by the ECtHR in Russia and the ongoing absence of accountability for the perpetrators, particularly in Chechnya. In this context he explores the significance of the ECtHR’s application of Art. 46 in the Abuyeva v Russia decision and the hope that the possibility of justice for the victims of the attack at Katyr-Yurt in February 2000 is still within reach. In addition, Furkat Tishaev (Memorial HRC-EHRAC) discusses the case of Kiladze v Georgia and points out the potential limitations of the judgment’s application to Russian victims in the light of the distinctions between the two domestic legislative regimes.

In her article Nadezhda Ermolayeva (Memorial HRC-EHRAC) answers answers some of the criticisms of the ECtHR which have been made by the Chair of the Russian Constitutional Court, Valeriy Zorkin, with particular reference to the cases of Konstantin Markin v Russia and Alekseyev v Russia. Finally, Lydia Kurbanova (Women’s Dignity) examines the potential role of psychological rehabilitation in contributing to the recovery of a post-conflict society drawing on her experience of the psychological  services offered by the NGO Women’s Dignity in the Chechen Republic.