Published: 1 Jun 2010

EHRAC Bulletin Summer 2010

EHRAC Bulletin

Issue 13 of the EHRAC Bulletin is now available online. Please click the link below to read the full issue.

Less than a year has passed since Natalia Estemirova (human rights defender and Memorial HRC board member) was murdered in July 2009. Her loss is still keenly felt by colleagues both in Russia and worldwide. Tragically, Natalia’s murder was not an isolated event and in this edition of the Bulletin Mary Lawlor (Front Line) provides a sobering reminder of the number of human rights defenders and journalists targeted and killed within Russia in recent years. She also highlights the continued failure to bring the perpetrators of such crimes to justice, the prevailing culture of impunity which exists in the absence of effective investigations and the increasing pressures placed upon civil society within Russia.

Also in this edition, Olga Tseytlina (EHRAC-Memorial) reviews the impact of recent ECtHR decisions in extradition cases emanating from Russia and Ukraine; Maxim Timofeyev (Russian Law Academy of the Ministry of Justice) explains the significance of a Russian Constitutional Court ruling providing guidance on the approach to ECtHR judgments in civil courts; and Alice Pillar (EHRAC intern) outlines the practical implications of Russia’s ratification of Protocol 14 to the ECHR. Outside of Russia, Kirill Koroteev (EHRAC case consultant and University of Strasbourg) reports on problems in relation to political prisoners within contemporary Georgia.

Finally, articles by Costas Paraskeva (Advocate) and Helen Hardman (HRSJ, London Metropolitan University) give consideration to two important research projects from the Human Rights and Social Justice Research Institute at London Metropolitan University on fact-finding missions within the Strasbourg system and pilot judgments at the ECtHR.