Published: 1 Jun 2006

EHRAC Bulletin Summer 2006

EHRAC Bulletin

Issue 5 of the EHRAC Bulletin is now available online. Please click the link below to read the full issue.

At a time when Russia chairs the G8 Group of most-industrialised nations and as it also takes on the role of Chair of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, there is likely to be particular scrutiny of its human rights standing in the coming months. As Amnesty International publishes its latest report on Russia, highlighting racially motivated attacks and discrimination (Russian Federation: Violent racism out of control, 4 May 2006), this fifth edition of the Bulletin includes a focus on the European Court’s approach to discrimination. Professor Kevin Boyle (University of Essex) reflects on the Court’s recent more expansive approach, arguing that there will be greater opportunities to mount effective challenges to systematic discrimination, and Dina Vedernikova (Memorial/EHRAC) analyses Strasbourg’s consideration of cases of ethnic and national discrimination, with special reference to Russia.

Also in this edition: Professor Bill Bowring (EHRAC) critically assesses the recent changes in Russian law relating to NGOs; Dokka Itslaev (Memorial/EHRAC) discusses the authorities’ failure to disclose important case documents in the course of proceedings in the Chechen courts; Kirill Koroteev (Memorial/EHRAC) analyses the steps taken to reform supervisory review in civil proceedings (arguing that they do not go far enough) and Irina Ananieva (Memorial/EHRAC) highlights the problems faced by families following the death of conscripts in the military.

This edition of the Bulletin marks the launch of EHRAC’s work in Georgia – a new collaborative human rights litigation project with the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association and also with the NGO Article 42. An article co-written by lawyers from both organizations (Manana Kobakhidze, Sophio Japaridze and Ketevan Mekhuzla) assesses the ongoing threat to judicial independence in Georgia.