Published: 1 Jun 2005

EHRAC Bulletin Summer 2005

EHRAC Bulletin

Issue 3 of the EHRAC Bulletin is now available online. Please click the link below to read the full issue.

The European Court of Human Rights has now handed down its first three judgments arising out of the conflict in Chechnya. These were cases in which Memorial and EHRAC represented the six applicants who were successful in establishing various violations of the Convention, notably Article 2 (the right to life) and Article 13 (the right to an effective remedy). These landmark decisions are discussed more fully in this edition of the Memorial-EHRAC Bulletin. They establish important precedents about the unavailability to the Chechen applicants of any effective domestic remedies, and they contain very important analyses of the use by the Russian military of excessive force in the region, leading to the loss of civilian life.

Also in this third edition of the Bulletin, Anna Demeneva (Sutyajnik) considers the right to legal assistance under the Criminal Procedure Code. Besarion Bokhashvili (Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association) describes a pending European Court case arising from the attempts of a Georgian journalist to cover the Beslan tragedy, and Vladislav Gribincea (Lawyers for Human Rights, Chişinău) discusses his attempts to secure the enforcement of the Court’s judgment in the case of Ilaşcu v Russia and Moldova. There are summaries of important recent European Court decisions, together with an analysis of the UN Human Rights Committee’s response to Russia’s fifth periodic report under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.