Published: 1 Jun 2004

EHRAC Bulletin Summer 2004

EHRAC Bulletin

The first ever issue of EHRAC’s Bulletin is now available online. Please click the link below to read the full issue.

This first edition of the EHRAC Bulletin highlights a recent report which has been produced by the Russian human rights NGO community as an ‘alternative report’ to the State’s report to the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Olga Shepeleva analyses the changes to the Russian Law defining “torture” and Kirill Koroteev considers whether there is a right to alternative civil service under the European Convention on Human Rights. There is also analysis of the first cases from Chechnya which are before the European Court of Human Rights (in which Memorial and EHRAC lawyers are representing the applicants) and the recent statement concerning Chechnya from the Council of Europe Committee on Torture. It also highlights a recent report on the procedures for appointing European Court judges. The Case Reports section focuses on the European Court’s judgment in Nachova v Bulgaria, concerning discriminatory treatment of members of an ethnic minority by the police.