Published: 1 Dec 2011

EHRAC Annual Report 2011

EHRAC Annual Report

EHRAC’s 2011 Annual Report is now available online. Click the link below to read the report in full.

It has been a privilege again this year to continue to work with courageous human rights NGOs and lawyers from Russia and the South Caucasus states. Working in partnership with them, our cases have identified for example the practice of torture in Chechnya and Ingushetia, and have prevented several individuals from being extradited to Uzbekistan where they faced a serious risk of torture or inhuman and degrading treatment. Other European Court judgments this year established the Russian state’s responsibility for bombing the ethnic Nogai village of Kogi in Chechnya, killing five villagers, and highlighted the failure of the Georgian authorities to investigate a suspicious death in prison.

In May, all our NGO partners came together for the first time, in Tbilisi, for rigorous and rewarding discussions about the application of European Convention law and practice throughout the region.

At the international level, we have continued to push for the full implementation of European Court judgments and we have been actively involved in important debates about the Court’s reform