Published: 1 Dec 2010

EHRAC Annual Report 2010

EHRAC Annual Report

EHRAC’s 2010 Annual Report is now available online. Click the link below to read the report in full.

During the year we secured 18 more judgments at the European Court of Human Rights (against Russia and Georgia) – in each case the Court found violations of the European Convention on Human Rights. This means that EHRAC has now secured 66 judgments since its inception, and is working on a total of 280 cases before the Court, acting on behalf of more than 1,000 applicants and primary victims.

In relation to Russia, we highlight the important judgment in Abuyeva, concerning the civilian deaths caused by a military operation at Katyr-Yurt in Chechnya in February 2000. In an unprecedented decision, the Court expressly referred to the failure of the Russian authorities to implement the earlier Isayeva judgment (concerning the same operation) because no effective investigation had been carried out.

The Report also considers the impact of human rights litigation. For example, as a direct result of the Kiladze judgment against Georgia, a new law has already been drafted, and is currently being debated in Parliament, which will finally ensure that several thousand victims of repression during the era of the Soviet Union will be paid the compensation which the Georgian Parliament decided they should receive, back in 1997.

During the year, EHRAC began a new litigation programme in Azerbaijan, in collaboration with three NGOs: the Democracy and Human Rights Public Union, the Legal Education Society and the Media Rights Institute. We also worked with the Armenian NGO, Legal Guide, on a ground-breaking case concerning Nagorno-Karabakh.