Published: 1 Dec 2007 | By Sophio Japaridze

Collective expulsion of Georgians from the Russian Federation – strict migration regulation policy or other hidden motives?


Following the September 2006 detention in Georgia of four Russian military officers on charges of espionage, the Russian Federation took a number of measures including the suspension of air, land and naval communications with Georgia. It also began a process of deporting Georgian citizens and inspection of businesses with links to Georgia. By the end of January 2007, 2380 Georgians had been deported, the majority of whom held valid documents certifying their legal residence in Russia. Separate examination of individual circumstances was lacking, with the judicial process lasting less than ten minutes in most cases.

In this article, Sophio Japaridze considers whether the actions of the Russian government could be considered collective expulsion, in light of an application lodged by EHRAC-GYLA and an inter-state case initiated by Georgia against the Russian Federation. To read the full article, click on the link below.