Published: 17 Dec 2015

Reform of the European Court of Human Rights


Comments on Brussels Declaration Chapter C

Together with 6 other NGOs, EHRAC submitted comments to the Ministers’ Deputies’ Ad hoc Working Party on Reform of the Human Rights Convention system (GT-REF.ECHR).  Our submission focussed on implementation of Chapter C of the Brussels Declaration on the supervision of the execution of judgments.

Possible amendments to the Rules of the European Court of Human Rights

In coalition with 11 other NGOs , EHRAC recently wrote to the Court regarding proposed amendments to the Rules of Court relating to Advisory Opinions.  Our submission drew attention to three matters arising from the Draft Rules of Procedure:

(1) that there is no role for parties to the domestic proceedings in the Advisory Opinion procedure;

(2) the relevance of the arguments of the parties to the domestic proceedings and

(3) the role of the domestic requesting Court. The Coalition’s submission also highlighted some issues of ongoing concern which we suggested should be clarified in the new Rules.