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EHRAC’s Latest Bulletin (October 2020)

Since our last update, we have won 15 cases at the European Court of Human Rights, relating to...

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Litigating self-defence in a domestic violence context: Interview with Mari Davtyan

30.11.20: EHRAC spoke to Russian lawyer Mari Davtyan about her work and recent participation in EHRAC’s virtual expert roundtable on litigating self-defence in a domestic violence context.

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EHRAC briefing paper on litigating self-defence in the context of domestic violence

30.11.20: This briefing paper addresses some of the issues arising when litigating cases on behalf of women charged with harming their partners in self-defence. 


Note on International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) report/roundtable on the state of the independence of the legal profession in Ukraine

16.11.20: The situation of the security and independence of lawyers in Ukraine, and the obstacles to represent clients on human rights claims, presents the sadly not uncommon disjuncture between high standards on paper, and serious concerns in reality.

Case Summary

Tagiyev and Huseynov v Azerbaijan

15.9.20: Criminal conviction for publication of an article criticising Islam.


Disbarred, suspended or criminally prosecuted: Azerbaijani human rights lawyers

11.8.20: EHRAC compiled a list of Azerbaijani Human Rights lawyers who have been sanctioned, based on reports and information from partners.

Case Summary

Razvozzhayev v. Russia & Ukraine and Udaltsov v. Russia

22.6.20: A case concerning the conviction of two men for organising “mass disorder” in a political rally at Bolotnaya Square in Moscow on 6 May 2012.

EHRAC Bulletin

EHRAC’s Latest Bulletin (June 2020)

22.6.20: In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, and though we have temporarily vacated our beloved Church Farm office, we are continuing to work on a remote basis.

Case Summary

M.M.B. v Slovakia

19.6.20: The case concerned a young girl's complaint about the authorities' investigation into allegations of sexual abuse by her father, which was subsequently brought to the ECtHR by her mother.

Case Summary

Khodorkovskiy and Lebedev v Russia (No.2)

19.6.20: Khodorkovskiy and Lebedev v Russia (No.2) was the latest in a series of cases brought before the ECtHR by senior executives of YUKOS Oil Company regarding their criminal prosecution in Russia.

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EIN Guide on Domestic Advocacy for the Implementation of ECtHR Judgments

1.5.20: The European Implementation Network have produced a useful guide for developing a comprehensive advocacy strategy for the implementation of judgments from the European Court of Human Rights.

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Witness Statements in International Human Rights Litigation: Preparation Guide

1.4.20: This booklet produced by EHRAC in English and translated into Russian, Georgian and Azerbaijani is a practical guide to preparing detailed witness statements.

EHRAC Bulletin

EHRAC Winter Bulletin

30.3.20: We have had another busy and productive few months! We have won 5 cases on behalf of 7 applicants concerning: a Georgian politician's unfair trial, an alleged suicide in the Russian armed forces, the torture of detainees in Russia's prison system, and enforced disappearances in Russia's North Caucasus...