International Human Rights Practice: The UK and the European Court of Human Rights

Published: 29 Jan 2015

As part of the International Human Rights Practice series, which has been jointly organised by the School of Law at Middlesex University, Matrix Chambers and the Law Society, Professor Philip Leach and Dr. Alice Donald led a seminar on the UK and the European Court of Human Rights.

The UK’s troubled relationship with Strasbourg has taken a critical turn with the Conservative proposals to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights if its unilateral proposals to weaken the authority of the European Court of Human Rights are rejected by the Council of Europe. This session explored the future of the UK-Strasbourg relationship in the light of the UK parties’ manifesto positions. It also examined the wider reform process within the Council of Europe, which seeks to secure the future of the Court in the face of multiple institutional and political pressures.

The session was chaired by Tony Fisher, from the Law Society’s Human Rights Committee.