60 years of the European Convention on Human Rights

Published: 3 Sep 2013

The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms came into force 60 years ago today. Today it is rightly recognised as one of the most successful human rights systems in the world. We at EHRAC celebrate this anniversary in remembrance of those victims of gross human rights violations who have been courageous enough to bring their cases before the European Court, thereby contributing to the development of human rights for all. We have been honoured to represent and work with some of these individuals. Through our work over the last ten years, we have seen at first-hand the importance of the Convention and the Court to those who face the danger of gross human rights violations on a daily basis. We particularly remember those who on this anniversary day, still struggle in the face of extreme personal danger for the recognition of human rights for all.

Later this month we will celebrate 10 years since EHRAC began. Keep an eye out for special upcoming events and a 10 year review to mark this significant milestone.