EHRAC Project Officer (Combating Security Force Abuses)

Closing date: 17 Sep 2020

This is a unique opportunity to work at the cutting edge of international human rights advocacy.

Based at Middlesex University’s School of Law, EHRAC works with NGOs and lawyers in the post-Soviet region to bring ground-breaking, strategic international human rights cases. We have taken more than 300 cases to the European Court of Human Rights (and UN mechanisms) against Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine. We have litigated a series of egregious human rights abuse cases from Chechnya, and have won landmark judgments including: the widely reported Beslan School terror siege (Tagayeva v Russia, ECtHR, BBC coverage), the first domestic violence case against Georgia (X and Y v Georgia, CEDAW), the first case concerning the politically-motivated prosecution of a human rights defender (Rasul Jafarov v Azerbaijan, ECtHR), and the unlawfulness of Russia’s surveillance laws (Zakharov v Russia, ECtHR, Open Democracy coverage).

Our cases include violations stemming from conflict in Chechnya, Eastern Ukraine (Guardian coverage), Crimea, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, and Nagorno-Karabakh; gender-based violence, including femicide; LGBT+ discrimination, and repression of civil society (New York Times coverage).

We litigate in close partnership with NGOs and lawyers from the former Soviet Union, through a unique and sustained mentoring model of collaboration and support. We also hold training and awareness-building events in the UK, Strasbourg, and our target region.

Job Description

EHRAC Project Officer (Combating Security Force Abuses)

Are you passionate about human rights and looking for a new project management opportunity? The European Human Rights Advocacy Centre (EHRAC) is looking for a new Project Officer. The EHRAC Project Officer (part time, 3 days per week) will be responsible for the day-to-day running of EHRAC’s brand new project focused on tackling security force abuses in Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia. EHRAC has litigated, and continues to litigate, many cases before the European Court of Human Rights, as well as other international mechanisms, concerning the use of excess force by state agents.

These cases include extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, and other abuses, particularly those committed in the context of past or current conflicts in the Former Soviet Union. The aim of the new project is to build the capacity of human rights lawyers in Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia to seek and secure justice for the victims of human rights violations committed by security forces in the region.

We want to empower human rights defenders and civil society organisations to advocate for domestic change and to advance the humanitarian and judicial resolution of cases of enforced disappearances and other egregious abuses. Working closely with local partners, civil society organisations and international experts, EHRAC will: carry out advocacy activities before international human rights fora; deliver comprehensive legal training and mentoring programme; and develop resources to ensure that litigators and activists can effectively seek redress, challenge impunity, and advocate for change.

The Project Officer will be integral to ensuring that the project is effective by coordinating the delivery of project activities and ensuring compliance with donor requirements.

*Please note that appointment to the post will be contingent on EHRAC receiving confirmation of project funding*

For questions about this role, please email EHRAC’s Development Officer, Lucy MacEwan on