Yunusova and Yunusov v Azerbaijan

2 June 2016
Yunusova and Yunusov v Azerbaijan

Case No. 59620/14
Judgment date: 2 June 2016

Leyla Yunus (the first applicant) and Arif Yunus (the second applicant), are well-known human rights defenders in Azerbaijan. They were represented by EHRAC, Dominika Bychawska-Siniarska (Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights), Khalid Bagirov and Javad Javadov, lawyers practising in Azerbaijan.

The first applicant was arrested on 30 July 2014, on spurious charges including fraud, tax evasion and high treason. Later that day, the second applicant, was also charged with fraud and high treason. The applicants were held in pre-trial detention until August 2015, when they were convicted and sentenced to eight and a half and seven years in prison respectively. In November 2015, the second applicant was released on health grounds. In December 2015, the first applicant’s sentence was quashed and she was released. Both applicants suffered from serious health conditions prior to their arrest. The applicants claimed that they were unable to obtain adequate medical care in detention and that this had resulted in a serious deterioration of their health.

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