Berladir and Other v Russia

10 July 2012
Berladir and Other v Russia

Case No. 34202/06
Judgment date: 10 July 2012

The applicants were ten Russian nationals who intended to hold a march and two-hour demonstration in central Moscow in opposition to an anti-immigration rally held earlier that month. The city administration gave permission only for the demonstration, on the condition that it be relocated to Tverskaya Zastava Square and be limited to one hour. The organisers withdrew their application for authorisation, and gave notice to the district authority of their intention to hold a picket on Tverskaya Square (near the Mayor’s office) in response to the city authority’s decision. The district authority imposed the same conditions as the city authority, referring to the “security of the participants”, and the need to avoid obstructing pedestrians and vehicles. The organisers did not challenge the conditions, but proceeded to hold their picket on Tverskaya Square as planned. A special security squad arrested some of the protestors, allegedly without giving them the time or opportunity to disperse after a verbal warning. The applicants were arrested and later convicted of breaching the procedures for public gatherings, resulting in fines of between 500 and 1,000 RUB each.

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