Navalnyy v Russia

2 February 2017
Navalnyy v Russia

Case No. 29580/12 et al.
Judgment date: 2 February 2017

On seven occasions between 5 March 2012 and 24 February 2014, Aleksey Navalnyy (the applicant), a political activist and an anti-corruption campaigner, was arrested during unauthorised public gatherings for variously disobeying lawful order of the police or breaching the established procedure for conducting public events. During his arrest on 9 May 2012, he was held in pre-trial detention for more than three hours, before being sentenced to 15 days’ administrative detention. During his second arrest on 24 February 2014, the applicant was kept in pre-trial detention overnight, before being sentenced to seven days’ administrative detention. On the five other occasions he was fined between 1,000 and 30,000 Russian roubles (€25-€740 at the time).

Mr. Navalnyy challenged the lawfulness and the arbitrariness of his arrest on seven occasions and his pre-trial detention on two occasions under Art. 5(1) ECHR. He complained under Art. 6(1), (2) and (3d) that on all seven occasions the proceedings failed to satisfy the guarantees of a fair trial. He also complained that his arrest and the following proceedings violated his right to freedom of assembly under Art. 11 ECHR and that he was targeted because of his political opinions, under Arts. 14 and 18.

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