Navalnyy and Yashin v Russia

4 December 2014
Navalnyy and Yashin v Russia

Case No. 76204/11
Judgment Date: 4 December 2014

On 5 December 2011 the applicants, Mr Navalnyy and Mr Yashin (well-known political activists and anti-corruption campaigners), were arrested for failing to obey a police order to stop a spontaneous march held after participating in an authorised demonstration against the outcome of the Russian parliamentary elections (which had taken place the day before). During the first six hours following their arrest both applicants, denied any food or drink, were driven to three different police stations at which they were subjected to a search and seizure of personal property. Despite repeated requests and the lodging of a complaint, the applicants were refused access to a lawyer until shortly before the commencement of administrative proceedings on 6 December 2011. Both were found guilty of having disobeyed a lawful order of the police to stop the spontaneous ‘march’ and follow the police officers to their bus to draw up a report. They were sentenced to 15 days’ administrative detention and their appeals were dismissed.

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