Kibalo v Russia

7 March 2017
Kibalo v Russia

Case No. 35845/11
Judgment date: 3 March 2017

In May 2007 Mr Kh. was sentenced to twenty years’ imprisonment and sent to a ‘strict regime’ facility in Blagoveschensk (in the far east of Russia). In February 2008, Mr Kh.’s wife, Natalya Kibalo, and their two daughters (the applicants), requested his transfer to a nearer facility, but it was rejected. Ms Kibalo argued that in practice they have been deprived of the possibility of visiting Mr Kh. as it takes at least eight days to travel to Blagoveschensk from their home in Chechnya. Without sponsorship, the ticket price was prohibitively expensive: although Mr Kh. had the right to three four-hour visits and three three-day visits annually, his family were only able to make the journey on eight occasions over four years, and six of these trips were sponsored. Their youngest daughter, born in 2009, has never seen her father.

The applicants were represented by EHRAC and Memorial Human Rights Centre.

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