Gayeva v Russia

29 October 2015
Gayeva v Russia

Case No. 7946/08
Judgment date: 29 October 2015

The applicant, Ms. Gayeva, was the widow of Mr. Lev Gayev, who participated in the cleanup operation at the industrial site of Mayak power plant between 30 September 1957 and 31 December 1958 and was exposed to radioactive emissions. Mr. Gayev died of cancer in 1985, aged 46, when Ms. Gayeva was 45 years old.

In 2005 Ms. Gayeva learned from her friend (whose husband had died in 2004) that she received monthly compensation for the loss of the breadwinner, under the 1991 Federal Law “On Social Protection of Citizens Exposed to Radiation as a Result of the Accident at PA Mayak of 1957 and Radioactive Waste Discharges into the River Techa”. In August 2006 Ms. Gayeva sought to obtain compensation from the Ozersk Social Security Office in relation to the loss of her husband’s income. On 17 October 2006 the Ozersk Town Court of the Chelyabinsk region rejected her claim, finding, in particular, that she failed to show that she had been financially dependent on her husband at the time of his death.

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