Guide: Instructing Expert Witnesses

12 April 2021
Guide: Instructing Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses can play a vital, even determinative, role in a case. An expert witness can explain and assess complex scientific or technical evidence or provide significant contextual analysis that can be central to the successful litigation of a case. EHRAC has instructed experts in a number of its cases across the region, including in Dzidzava v Russia (concerning the mass expulsion of Georgian nationals from Russia between September 2006 and January 2007).

This Guide provides assistance to lawyers as to why, when and how to instruct an expert in international litigation. It was prepared by Jessica Gavron, EHRAC Legal Director.

This Guide is also available in other languages.

English: EHRAC Guide to Instructing Expert Witnesses

Georgian (ქართული): ექსპერტი მოწმეების ინსტრუქტაჟი

Russian ( Русский): Руководство по задействованию свидетелей-экспертов

Ukrainian (Український): Посібник EHRAC із призначення експертних свідків