Zolotukhin v Russia

10 February 2009
Zolotukhin v Russia

Case No. 14939/03
Judgment date: 10 February 2009

On 4 January 2002, the applicant was taken to Voronezh-45 police station in order to establish how he had managed to take his girlfriend into a restricted military compound (Voronezh is a large city in southwest Russia). At the police station he was verbally abusive towards the personnel and was taken to the office of Major K. who drafted a report on this administrative offence. The applicant was then brought before a judge who sentenced him to three days’ detention for committing minor disorderly acts under Art. 158 of the Code of Administrative Offences then in force. On 23 January 2002, criminal proceedings were brought against the applicant on suspicion of his having committed, on 4 January 2002, a number of crimes at the police station, including ‘disorderly acts’ – a crime under Art. 213 § 2(b) of the Criminal Code. He was acquitted of this charge by a judgment of the Gribanovskiy District Court of 2 December 2002, which found that the prosecution failed to substantiate its case, but he was convicted on other counts. The judgment became final on appeal.

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