Eremia v the Republic of Moldova

28 May 2013
Eremia v the Republic of Moldova

Case No. 3564/11
Judgment date: 28 May 2013

The applicants were represented by Ms D.I. Străisteanu, a lawyer practising in Chişinău.

X, a police officer, had abused his former spouse (the first applicant) in the presence of their teenage daughters (the second and
third applicants) by beating and insulting her, causing her and her daughters stress and psychological suffering. Despite a judge imposing a protection order against X, requiring him to vacate the family home and banning him from contacting the applicants, he continued to physically abuse the first applicant and verbally and psychologically abuse their daughters. A criminal investigation into X’s acts was suspended by the local prosecutor on the basis that X had committed a “less serious offence”, did not abuse drugs or alcohol, had three minors to support, was well respected at work and in the community and “did not represent a danger to society”.

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