Burdov v Russia

15 January 2009
Burdov v Russia

Case No. 33509/04

Judgment date: 15/01/09

The applicant was called up to take part in emergency operations following the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster from 1 October 1986 to 11 January 1987. He suffered extensive exposure to radiation and was thereby entitled to social security benefits. State authorities failed to pay in full and on time and the applicant sued in domestic courts, which granted his claims, but a number of judgments remained unenforced for various periods of time. In this connection, he applied to the ECtHR and received a judgment in his favour – Burdov v Russia (No. 59498/00) 7/5/02 – in which the ECtHR found a violation of Art. 6 and Art. 1 of Protocol 1. Despite the ECHR judgment the applicant was again faced with the non-enforcement of judgments in Russia. He then submitted a new application to the ECtHR claiming that he was still a victim (Art. 34) and re-af- firming violations of Art. 6 and Art. 1 Protocol 1.

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