Budayeva and others v Russia

20 March 2008
Budayeva and others v Russia

Case Nos. 15339/02, 21166/02, 20058/02, 11673/02 & 15343/02

Judgment date: 20/03/08

The six applicants lived in Tyrnauz, in a mountain district adjacent to Mount Elbrus. Following a mudslide on 18 July 2000, the authorities announced the emergency evacuation of the residents, however no advance warning was given. When the residents returned home the next day a second, more powerful mudslide destroyed a dam and damaged most of the houses in the town killing and injuring some local residents. The applicants’ flats and all their possessions were destroyed. The first applicant’s husband died and her youngest son sustained serious injuries. The applicants complained of violations of Arts. 2, 8 and 13 and Art. 1 of Prot. No.


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