Middlesex Students conducting legal research for EHRAC

8 June 2015

Three students from Middlesex University have undertaken a legal research project for the European Human Rights Advocacy Centre on cases concerning the unlawful arrest and detention of Azerbaijani human rights defenders. Liliya Aliyeva, Jackie Finn and Aleksandra Cyganik have been collaborating with EHRAC’s lawyers for the past six months, alongside studying for their LLM at the Law School.

The abovementioned cases relate to the recent crackdown on civil society organisations and human rights defenders by the Azerbaijani government. The three students have been researching human rights violations in Azerbaijan, as well as drafting a summary of politically motivated arrests and detentions which will be used in cases relating to these events at the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).

Working on the recent ECtHR case added valuable experience to our LLM programme at Middlesex University. It also gave us practical knowledge on the current human rights issues in the Caucasus region, which is essential for our future career goals.

The students, on their experience of working with EHRAC

The research conducted by Liliya, Jackie and Aleksandra is very valuable for EHRAC’s case work at the European Court. As a small Research Centre within the University, EHRAC welcomes the support of volunteers on research tasks such as this.