Case No. 40166/07
Judgment Date: 26 March 2015

The case concerned the unlawful abduction and disappearance of Balavdi Zhebrailov. At midnight on 25 April 2005 a group of armed men burst into the home of Balavdi, his parents, and his brother, in the village of Gekhi, Chechnya. They dragged the Zhebrailov brothers into a car in front of their family and drove off. Before leaving, the abductors fired several shots in the air to deter the victims’ relatives from interfering. Balavdi’s brother, Salavdi, was released some time later on 26 April 2005, having been repeatedly beaten and threatened. Salavdi reported being held and beaten by officers of the 2nd Regiment of the Road Police of the Ministry of the Interior of the Chechen Republic at the premises of the 2nd Regiment. Balavdi has not been seen since his abduction. On his release, Salavdi sought medical assistance for the physical injuries sustained during his abduction, but fled the hospital when he spotted one of his abductors. A criminal investigation into the events of 25-26 April 2005 was opened in June 2005, and suspended five times between then and 2010. As at the date of the Court’s judgment, the investigation remained pending.

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