Zakharov v Russia

Case No. 47143/06
Judgment date: 4 December 2015

In December 2003, Roman Zakharov, journalist and the chairperson of a branch of the Glasnost Defense Foundation, brought judicial proceedings against three mobile telephone operators, complaining of the violation of his right to privacy of his telephone communications. He claimed that Russian law had required the mobile network operators to install equipment which had permitted the interception of all telephone communications by the Federal Security Service without judicial authorisation.

The domestic courts dismissed his claims, finding that he had not proved that his telephone communications had been intercepted or that the mobile network operators had transmitted, or permitted the transmission of, protected information. Domestically, the courts held that the mere existence of equipment enabling law-enforcement agencies to perform operational-search activities did not constitute an interference with the right to privacy of his communications. In his ECtHR application, the applicant argued violations of the right to respect for his private and family life (Art. 8 ECHR) and to an effective remedy (Art. 13 ECHR).

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