Case No. 4916/07; 25924/08 and 14500/09
Judgment date: 21 October 2010

Mr. Nikolai Alekseev is a gay rights activist who lives in Moscow. He belongs to a group called ‘LGBT Human Rights Project GayRussia. Ru’. Between 2006 and 2008 he attempted to organise numerous peaceful assemblies, principally in Moscow, which were all banned by the municipal authorities. In July 2008 he notified the authorities of his intention to hold a protest outside the Iranian embassy about Iran’s treatment of homosexuals and minors. The authorities refused to authorise the protest on the ground that it would prompt a “negative reaction in society”. He submitted a communication to the UN Human Rights Committee under Article 21 of the Covenant (right to peaceful assembly). This communication ran alongside a catalogue of successful, similar applications made by Mr. Alekseev to the ECtHR (Nos. 4916/07; 25924/08 and 14500/09) 21.10.10.

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