Case No. 34085/06
Judgment date: 5 July 2011

The applicants were Mr Bekhan Velkhiyev and the wife and five children of Mr Bashir Velkhiyev, Bekhan’s brother. They are all Russian nationals. Bekhan lives in Malgobek and the other applicants live in the village of Barsuki,  Ingushetia. On 20 July 2004 a group of armed servicemen took the brothers to the Organised Crime Unit (OCU) at the Ministry of the Interior of Ingushetia. Over the following 24 hours both men were tortured. Bekhan was handcuffed, blindfolded, beaten with truncheons and electrocuted. Bashir did not survive the torture. The next day an investigation was instituted including a forensic examination of Bashir’s body, and whilst officers from the OCU confirmed the ill-treatment, none of the perpetrators was identified. In April 2005 the Nazran Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that unidentified officers from the Ministry of Interior had unlawfully apprehended the brothers and had beaten them violently on the premises of the OCU. The premises were not inspected during the investigation.