Case No. 25965/04

Judgment date: 07/01/10

The applicant’s daughter, Ms. Rantseva, a 20-year-old Russian national, arrived in Cyprus on 5 March 2001, on an ‘artiste’ visa to work in a cabaret. After only three days at the cabaret, she ran away from her place of work and lodging leaving a note which said that she was returning to Russia. She was found by the cabaret manager on 28 March 2001, who took her to the police apparently with a view to securing her expulsion so that he could replace her at the cabaret. The police refused to detain her, as she was not illegal and instead handed Ms. Rantseva over to the manager and asked him to return with her later in the day for further investigation. Around an hour after she had been collected by the manager Ms. Rantseva was found dead in the street below the apartment to which he had taken her; a bedspread was looped through the apartment’s balcony.

It was concluded that Ms. Rantseva’s death was accidental. Following a second autopsy in Russia, the Russian authorities requested further investigation. In October 2006, Cyprus confirmed the verdict of accidental death.

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